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James Paton

James Paton

Financial Representative

At a very young age, I learned the importance of being involved in the community. Whether it was through volunteer work at The Center for Hope and Safety, participating in food drives with the Boy Scouts, or altar serving at my local parish, I always felt compelled to lend a helping hand to those who asked for it. Today, my mission is to provide my community with a sound financial strategy that can offer protection and financial independence against life’s uncertainties.

In my role at Wealth Advisory Group, I help clients understand the importance of protecting their most important asset, their income, and work to maximize the potential value of their assets. In doing so, I enhance the quality of their lives by ensuring a safety net is in place if an emergency were to happen and simplify the complicated process of planning for retirement.

When I’m not working, you can find me taking rides on my vintage moped and exploring different parts of nature. I am an avid gamer and passionate about overall fitness that’s achieved through proper nutrition and water intake, sleep analysis, and adequate physical activity. I am a member of the Russian National Baseball Team and enjoy learning about the body’s linear kinematic sequence to enhance my pitching biomechanics.