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Our Impact

Our firm is proud to be part of this community. Our clients and our employees live here – and we work here – so the people who call this community home are particularly important to our firm. We understand that individuals and their families are facing greater, more daunting challenges every day. But these same people aspire to achieve great things; the same things their parents and grandparents did: to provide for their families, and to help ensure, that no matter what happens in life, their loved ones are always protected. That’s why we are dedicated to serving this community and the needs of its members, earning our neighbors’ trust and confidence, working smart to help each family provide for their loved ones, both today, and in many years to come. 

In our view, contributing to the community extends far beyond the services we provide. Consequently, we are dedicated to supporting local charitable and civic organizations that help make our community – and our world – a better place. It is our way to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our community, and our way of giving back to those individuals who need our support. 

Our presence in the community as of December 31, 20201 

We are proud to work with over 30,8322 clients

Helping Clients Build Confidence and Protect their Assets
Life Insurance coverage in force for our clients$15,802,052,360
Number of Life Insurance policies in force26,832
Disability protection in force for our clients$63,572,146
Number of disability policies in force9,420
Providing Flexibility to our Clients and their Families
Client policy and account values3$3,277,905,213
Dividends to whole life policyholders4$38,978,256
Fulfilling Promises for our Clients and their Families
Life Insurance benefits (claims) paid5$79,051,677
Disability Insurance benefits (claims) paid5$12,131,618

Beyond the Numbers 

We are proud to support the following charitable and civic organizations through contributions made on our behalf by Guardian and by the men and women of our agency.  

  • The Doe Fund, Inc.
  • Robin Hood Foundation
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • UJA Federation
  • United Way
  • Habitat for Humanity 

1Reflects all in force policies and contracts serviced by this agency as of 12/31/20
2Includes owners of in force life, disability income, long term care, and all in force securities accounts 
3Represents in force cash values for life insurance, in force market values for all securities accounts 
4Represents Dividends paid in 2020 on Whole Life policies, excluding closed and surrendered policies 
5Represents all Life and Disability claims paid in 2020