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Veronica Bedford

Director of Client Relations
355 Lexington Avenue, 9th Floor 
New York, NY 10017 
T: 212.261.1891 | F: 646.349.1385 | E: 

Veronica serves as Wealth Advisory Groups Director of Client Services for in-force Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Pension Cases. Veronica joined Wealth Advisory Group in 1988. Her role is to work with the agents and aid them in addressing the ongoing service needs of existing policies. She is responsible for administering the exercising of Term Conversions, Guaranteed Insurability Options (GIO), Single Insurability Options (SIO), Enhanced Guaranteed Insurability Options (EGIO), Whole Life Purchase Options (WLPO) and facilitating the exchanges of variable products into traditional participating Whole Life products. 

In addition to her robust role, Veronica is also the liaison for the Guardian Home Office, agents and clients. She works closely with Guardian’s Claims Department, Conversion Unit, Pension Department, Individual Life Transactions Department and Title Department. 

Veronica is a graduate of St. Francis College located in Brooklyn, NY, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree. Personally, Veronica volunteers with the American Cancer Society, enjoys traveling to historical sites, as well as party and wedding planning, and spending time with family and friends.  

If you are a client of Wealth Advisory Group, Veronica would be able to assist you with the following services: 

  • Accepting premium and Paid Up Addition (PUA) payments
  • Processing death claims
  • Processing policy loans and withdrawals as well as calculating and accepting loan repayments
  • Handling rating improvement requests 
  • Processing face amount reductions and increases
  • Facilitating beneficiary and ownership changes
  • Facilitating assignment and trust document changes
  • Administering other policy changes such as address and name changes
  • Changes in payment methods including monthly auto-debit payment plans (GOM)
  • Provision of in-force ledgers
  • Managing the transition from graded to level premium on disability policies
  • Processing exclusion rider changes on disability policies
  • Distribution of policy statement (PS 58 Cost of Insurance) 
  • Distribution of Schedule A (Form 5500) 
  • Calculating and submitting pension applications