Group Benefits

Benefits offered through work have become increasingly important to Americans, and are now a key differentiator in picking one job over the other. From dental and vision, to life and disability insurance, these workplace benefits occupy a role in helping employees to feel more financially confident. 

Want To Help Your Employees? Start By Making It Easier For Them To Enroll For Benefits. 

Your employees only have the opportunity to evaluate and select benefits one time each year. And it’s important they choose wisely – since benefits are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and financial protection. To make sure they take full advantage of the benefits your company offers, your employees may need help in figuring out what’s best for them. 

Enrollment takes a solid plan and exceptional execution, and we have the expertise to make it easier – for both you and your employees. Our range of options will lessen your workload and simplify the enrollment process while helping to increase employee participation and satisfaction. 

Show Your Employees Their Smiles Matter 

Taking care of oral health is an investment in overall wellness. In fact, on top of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, regular dental exams can help detect medical conditions such as a stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

As the owner of a small to mid-sized business, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors and gain an edge in recruiting top talent by offering your employees dental insurance. Not only will you be enhancing their general health, you’ll be providing a sought-after benefit that helps employees save money on expensive services and procedures. 

Offering Life Insurance To Your Employees: A Way Of Saying “You Matter” 

Life insurance is a core offering of any company benefits package. The financial confidence factor is primary: life insurance helps your employees to protect the people they care most about. 

We provide term life insurance you can offer in multiple ways: employer-paid, employee-paid (voluntary), or a combination of the two (contributory). Term life insurance protects your employee as long as they’re working for you. In the event that they pass away, their dependents will receive a tax-advantaged lump sum of money to use for rent, mortgage, college tuition, and health insurance, among other things. Life insurance is an economical, convenient way for your employees to provide for their family and loved ones. 

Show Employees You Care. Offer Benefits That Matter. 

Your employees are one of your business’s most important assets. By providing them with short- and long-term disability insurance, you’ll ensure that a portion of their income will be replaced if they become too sick or injured to work. Short-term disability insurance covers the first few weeks or months when an employee is unable to work; long-term disability insurance begins to pay sometime after the short-term coverage ends, and lasts much longer. Disability insurance can provide a solid base of income protection for your entire staff. 

Don’t Overlook Vision Care For Your Employees 

Vision care is something everyone needs. Whether you have 20/20 vision or wear contacts or glasses every day, it’s an important part of your overall health. In addition to evaluating your eyesight, annual eye exams can detect early warning signs of more serious medical problems, like glaucoma, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.1

Offering your employees vision insurance encourages a healthier way of life. It covers your employees and their families against routine, and not-so-routine, expenses for eye care.