Why Wealth Advisory Group

With many Americans struggling for financial freedom and security, the need for well-trained and well-meaning financial professionals is ever present. At Wealth Advisory Group we focus on serving our clients' needs by recruiting, training and developing top-tier financial representatives. We put in a concerted effort to attract top talent and give our advisors the tools for success while making an impact on the community.

When you join Wealth Advisory Group we focus on training and education through an in-depth career exploration. By working jointly with seasoned professionals and our on-boarding team our newest team members learn through experience and accountability. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep desire to help others, our financial representatives add value to their communities by achieving their own success. As a client advocate, you will be able to provide your clients with sound financial strategies and work together on plans that lead to a path of success.

“Just after college, I moved from Denver to New York to pursue a career in theater. A few months later, I got a call that changed everything. My father, days before he turned fifty, had died. On top of heart wrenching grief, I felt a burden of responsibility to care for my mother and younger brother because my dad was the primary breadwinner. I flew back to Denver, sure that I was going to have to give up on New York.

Fortunately, my dad had a plan. His protection planning, alongside income planning for my mother kept my mom in her house, put my brother through college, and allowed me to stay in New York. He showed his love, even in death, and allowed us to keep living.

That’s why I go to work every day. I love helping clients address their concerns as they discover and implement strategies that create efficiencies and unlock the power of their wealth.”

Austin Bransgrove, RICP

Financial Advisor