The Living Balance Sheet®

Enjoy Financial Control, Right Away

Available only from Guardian, The Living Balance Sheet® was designed to uncomplicate your finances and help you plan for your future. You can view a clear snapshot of all your accounts and assets, in one secure place. Better still, you can simulate different scenarios with the help of a Guardian Financial Representative, to understand how decisions you make with your money now can impact the future. A few easy changes can help build a prosperous financial picture down the road. 

Focus On Your Finances, And Your Future 

The Living Balance Sheet® presents a time-tested philosophy of prioritizing aspects of your financial life. In essence, our approach is to help you protect what you have now, become a world-class saver, and effectively grow your assets throughout your life. Taking these steps enables you to enjoy more security now, while building toward a rewarding future. In short, it’s about getting the life you want. 

Using The Living Balance Sheet, your Guardian Representative will show you how to keep track of your accounts and evaluate financial decisions. To create a full working picture of your current finances and future potential, you’ll work together to evaluate some key information: 

1. Protection – medical insurance, disability income insurance, life insurance, wills/trusts 

2. Assets – savings, investments, retirement accounts, real estate, business holdings 

3. Liabilities – loans, credit card debt, mortgages, taxes 

4. Cash flow – earnings, expenses, lifestyle/budget expenses 

You’ll be able to test potential scenarios to envision ways of optimizing your financial future. See how tax efficiencies, decreasing your debt, and added protection can increase your ability to create wealth. 

Another key feature of The Living Balance Sheet is that you have the ability to store digital copies of your most important files and paperwork, again in one secure place you can access online. Some suggestions are wills, marriage license, deeds, tax returns, family photos, and audio messages to your loved ones. 

Secure. Visible Only To You or People You Choose 

Our 256-bit, secure socket layer encryption means your information stays confidential. In addition, the site is non-transactional, meaning that you can’t move money in or out.

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