Life Insurance

Life insurance is about getting more out of life. There is no substitute for life insurance when it comes to protecting your loved ones. If you can’t be there, we can. But you can also use life insurance to build your life and create lasting assets. 

Whole Life 

Life events can pull you in directions that you could never have anticipated. Fortunately, life insurance was designed specifically to protect you and your loved ones against the unknown. Whole life is a type of permanent life insurance that provides a comprehensive way of protecting your financial needs. You’ll be getting life insurance that never expires, provided you make the required payments, and you’ll be building a permanent asset to help you live life to the fullest. It’s a great way to build lasting assets that can finance significant life events, such as a child’s education, retirement, and leaving a legacy. Costs will never change, as they are contractually guaranteed by the insurance company, and there may be tax advantages, too.

  • Lifelong guaranteed life insurance 
  • Cash value accumulation 
  • Potential dividend payments 
  • Tax benefits 
Universal Life 

Want the flexibility to decide your own priorities and accumulate cash value, but still maintain your insurance coverage at all times? Many universal life insurance policies offer you the ability to vary your payments, while having cash value growth potential. The product allows you to accumulate cash value tax-deferred, with an interest rate typically tied to Guardian’s General Account, which is made up of the company’s investments, or other separate accounts.

  • Lifetime protection 
  • Cash value accumulation 
  • More flexibility in payments 
  • Tax advantages 
  • Option to enhance your features 
Term Life 

Term life is a simple product, designed to provide money for your family (or your business) if you’re not there. While it doesn’t provide for protection beyond the set length of time you’ve chosen, it can be the most affordable way to protect your loved ones. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it represents a great starting point. You may decide in the future that you wish to build a cash asset and convert your policy to a form of permanent insurance, or even a combination of term and permanent. This would enable you to maintain the security that life insurance provides to your loved ones, while building a tax-advantaged asset. 

  • Buy the length of coverage you want 
  • An affordable and predictable choice 
  • Protection you can count on 
  • Ability to trade up