Disability Insurance

The most common myth about disability income insurance is that coverage is only used for rare, catastrophic accidents. The fact is, most people rely on the insurance to cover the income they’ve lost due to disabilities caused by conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. Be informed – protect yourself and your business. 

Individual Disability Income Insurance 

You rely on your income to fund every aspect of your life. If you are like one of the millions of Americans who unexpectedly becomes unable to work each year due to illness or injury, the last thing you want to worry about is how to continue paying your bills without an income. A common misconception about disability income insurance is that its sole purpose is to cover against catastrophic events resulting from accidents. In fact, illnesses like cancer, depression, and multiple sclerosis far more often impact your ability to work and support yourself and your family. Individual disability income insurance is designed to protect your income if you cannot work due to illness or injury. 

  • Apply while you’re healthy
  • Lock in pricing
  • Secure coverage while on the path to your career
  • Customize your coverage 
  • Keep your student loan payments on track 
Small Business Protection 

Could your business stay healthy if you weren’t? If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably indispensable to your company. Have you thought about what would happen to you and your business if you couldn’t work? In that situation, you’d need money to keep your personal finances in order. On top of that, you’d need to make sure that the business you worked so hard to build continues to run smoothly. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. We offer protection for business owners that can help safeguard the key areas your absence would impact. 

  • Protection for your personal income
  • Coverage for business expenses
  • Safeguard your ability to pay business loans
  • Protect your firm if your business partner can no longer work 
Supplemental Individual Disability Income Insurance 

Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but one in eight workers will be disabled for more than five years*. Luckily, there are a few ways to protect yourself against the financial implications of becoming too sick or injured to work and earn an income. A good start to protecting your income is disability income insurance provided through - and often paid for by - your employer. Such a policy typically covers 40-60% of pre-disability salary, often up to a set benefits cap. While this type of insurance can serve as a good foundation for protection, it may not be enough to support you and your family if you’re too sick or injured to work. Purchasing supplemental income protection (disability insurance) can be a great way to enhance and tailor your coverage to protect the life you’ve built. Take a look and see if this kind of insurance is available to you at work, and if not, reach out to your employer’s human resources or benefits administrator.  

  • A bigger safety net 
  • Individually owned policy
  • No medical exam required 
  • Your coverage and costs remain fixed 

* NAIC 1985 Commissioners Disability Insurance Tables A and C, assuming equal weights by gender and occupation class